Your voice – your identity

Today more and more of our contact with users are based on speech and it is equally important to have the right voice as it is to have a well crafted visual id. You want to be heard the same way regardless of channel and you want to visual identity to resonate with the auditive.

Call center

If you use a call center you need to think over how the queue is handled and how the operators are answering the calls. This should go hand in hand with your voice id and your voice strategy.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Many services are performed automatically with IVR systems – often in cooperation with the call center. The sound and feel of the IVR, the voice, the way it speaks in the recored sound files and how they are concatenated together makes a large impact on the user experience.

Voice in apps and web

Many apps are voice enabled from start on all app platforms. Your voice enabled services should sound just like your call canter, IVR system and other voice parts of your total customer experience.